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iPhone and glowing apple

8.08.2008 | Hacks and mods | by Apaxuc

Vlade called me and told me that is putting together an iPhone with glowing apple on the back side. I’m very fond of know-hows and handcrafts so I visited them to take a look. So, they had 2 ready iPhones and a couple of “apple” parts. Modding consists of removing the aluminum “fruits” and inserting the glowing ones. Looks really cool!.

I’ve recorded a video for you:

Ornella thanks for your help :-)

The apple now glows on Macbooks and iPhones. The battery doesn’t suffer a lot, you can adjust the glow level in Settings menu.

Comments (2)

  1. iphonejunky

    wow i hope this comes out I WANT ONE!!!!

  2. Croiman

    my iphone mod of the copy version ?

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